Word Thoughts

The Word Thoughts Web Devotional started as a simple email from a man sharing his thoughts of God with others. It is a singular method of holding the Word in your heart.

Core Values

  • Bible-believing
  • Faithful to the Truth, that is, to the Person and Nature of Jesus Christ.
  • Grace-oriented, in all things acknowledging God’s unmerited favor
  • Reconciliation-seeking according to pure biblical standards for church growth, believer-priesthood, believer fellowship, function of the pastor
  • Promoting oneness/unity among all members, regardless of their individual, God-appointed function.

Mission and Purpose Statement

We exalt Jesus Christ as supreme Lord and Savior, the One in whose name and for whose sake we call ourselves Grace Reconciliation Ministries. We acknowledge and follow the authority of God through Jesus Christ alone, as He is the Alpha and Omega of our ministry, the exaggeration of the Word of God, we focus on reconciliation – that is, to bring to a biblically pure, New Testament proper, and spiritually sound – believer’s personal relationship with God first, which will inevitably lead to a genuine biblical fellowship among believers, and, ultimately, to a strong edifying relationship of this church with other churches. It is clear, only the Power of Christ, through a believer individually and then church corporately, can accomplish such a work of God.

In serving the Body of Christ, we acknowledge and encourage believer-priesthood of each individual member. The lordship of Jesus Christ is central for the realization of such vital biblical principle, under whose authority and power believers are transformed “from glory to glory” into the Saints of God. Thus, we desire to serve each member individually so that they become a part of the essential, effective fabric of the Body of Christ on earth. As much as Jesus is “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”, so we also are impelled to be obedient to the Great Commission: saving grace of their Maker. God desires to reconcile Man to Himself by salvation through grace as the expression of His love for mankind; therefore, we embark to fulfill the Great Commission of Mathew 28:18-20.

Finally and above all, we desire that the Lord, He and He alone, receives all glory.